Windows exceed wildest expectations

Thanksgiving has just passed, and I have so much to be thankful for, despite having been sick the entire last week. About a month ago, we were finishing the shiplap in my living room. With everything that has happened to my Dad, we had kind of had it in the back of our minds that we would not finish the window trim until next spring or summer.


One day I got a random message from my sister, Krista, asking what were my ideas for the trim around my windows? I said that I really hadn’t thought too much about it, as we’d probably wait for next year to finish them. She said that Kevin, my brother-in-law, had found a photo of some windows like mine and really like the way they were finished. She said she’d send it to me. When I first saw the photo, it was beyond my wildest expectations. I never dreamed of having them finished that perfectly.


She said that Kevin was excited to work on them and asked if we could get going on them. They’ve done so much that I felt guilty just thinking about them spending that much more time helping out. My mom was overjoyed as she thought that my Dad would continue to stress about them until they were done. If we could finish them, we could get the staging down once and for all.


Two weekends ago they came down and we started framing in the windows. It was a long and tedious process. My windows don’t have your typical shape so making the trim to fit the curve was not an easy task. They are also about seven feet tall. As we are trying to do with most things, we did not buy but made all the trim.


Needless to say, the project took a long time. When doing woodwork or craftsmanship, Kevin is a perfectionist. I become frustrated at times and want to just get things done, but he won’t let me settle for that. I’m so thankful.


We worked last Saturday along with this past Friday and Saturday. Finally, on Saturday afternoon, my sister finished painting the trim and I finished touching up the paint on the wall above them. I was guilt-ridden all weekend as I was sick and only able to go about half speed. Krista was the driving force behind getting stuff done. There was no stopping her.


When they were finished and we took the staging down, I honestly wanted to cry. Never in my wildest expectations could have I dreamed of the windows looking that nice when they were done. I own them so much!


Krista paints the window trim.


Krista and Kevin work on the windows.



Laura Reed

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