When the house is the last thing on my mind


My parents, sister, and I head home from the hospital in Boston.

The house has been the last thing on my mind the past week. My Dad was released from the hospital in Boston last Thursday about noon. My parents, my sister, and I headed for Maine, and I could not have been happier.


Saturday and Sunday were rough. Very rough. My Dad ended up back at the hospital on both Saturday and Sunday mornings. He ended up being allergic to the waterproof tape that they used on his head. Finally, on Sunday, they were able to get the reaction under control.


Since Sunday, he has continued to improve steadily. It’s been hard for him. Even at 70 years of age, he does not sit still well. I think that is why he is able to do what he does. He’s typically on the go from 6 a.m. until sundown. He’s had a lot of calls and visitors this week which he has really appreciated.


Today he had a doctor visit which went well. The more we process last week, the more blessed we feel. His doctor told him that what happened to him at the hospital just doesn’t happen. It was about 17 hours from the time he had his MRI in Maine until he was being operated on in Boston. They told him that things just never, ever happen that fast. My family truly believes that it was all God’s perfect timing and plan. They typically don’t do a lot of surgeries in Maine like his as it was so technical, which was why he was sent to Boston. We are just so blessed.


We’ve had so many people volunteer to help us on the house this week. The thoughts are so much appreciated. Right now, we really have not thought about the house much at all. I did officially move my first box into the house earlier this week. Since I have to be out of my house by the third week of August, I am slowly but surely packing up. I had a box of pots and pans, and since the house is totally enclosed, I moved it right to the new house.


When I told my Dad I had moved a box down there, he asked what was in it. I had to add a little humor to the situation, so I said it was a box of perishable foods. He said “really,” and my Mom asked if I mean non-perishable foods? I said “no”!!! It’s pots and pans.


I do know that it will be quite some time before I’m living there. That’s ok. I typically spend about equal amount of time commuting to my house in Old Town as I do staying with my parents. I’ve stayed with them a lot more this past week. I’ve been happy that I’ve been able to do stuff around the house that my Dad would normally do.


Some good friends of my family stopped over last night to visit my Dad. They wanted to see the house, so we all drove down. It was good for my Dad to get out for a little ride. When we got there, we noticed that they had put power to the power pole, which was also pretty exciting.


Mentally it has still been pretty hard for me at times. It was my house that my Dad was working on when he fell. I just feel guilty. I just feel so blessed how well the surgery went and how well he’s doing.


Next Friday we return to Boston for another check-up. Even the Friday appointment was a blessing. We have to be in Portland on Friday and Saturday for my cousin’s wedding, so we were able to make the appt. in Boston on Friday morning to avoid two trips to southern Maine within a day or two of each other.


There are not enough words of thanks for what everyone has done for my family the past two weeks. We appreciate everything from the bottom of our hearts!

Laura Reed

About Laura Reed

After 15 years in college athletics, the last seven as an assistant athletics director, I was burned out with 70-hour work weeks and extensive travel. I resigned my position and accepted a position in marketing at a small, vibrant college in my hometown of Unity, Maine. In the process I wanted to go back to my childhood where we raised polled Herefords, had a Christmas Tree Farm and spent many hours outside. I decided I wanted to build my own home on beautiful farmland that my family owns. With help from my Dad, the most talented person I’ve ever met, we are building my home together. I have decided to blog my experience – the ups and downs, the joys and frustrations. What was once an open field will one day be my home! The dream in my head is becoming reality. I can just see the lambs frolicking in the field, chickens in the barnyard and going running with my Alaskan Malamute!