Totally floored with some big news!

As I sit here writing on Sunday evening, I am totally floored by the events of the weekend, in more ways than one. I’ll start with the big news. On Saturday evening, I accepted an offer on my townhouse!!  I also spent a great deal of the weekend putting down and finishing the floor in the loft.

First, Friday I had a showing and the feedback that I got was that the people really liked the place. Friday night my agent messaged me that she thought that they would be putting in an offer on Saturday. I was so excited, but also realized that the offer might be really low. I just prayed that it would not be super low, and I would know what to do.

Saturday came and I spent the day working at the homestead. As the hours went by and I had not heard anything, I figured that they must have changed their minds. I kind of expected it after nine months of frustration.

At about 5 p.m. my phone rang and it was my agent. She said that they had made an offer and I was pretty pleased with what I heard. I asked her opinion. Should I take it or try a counter offer? She recommended that I counter, splitting the difference, which I did. About two hours later my phone rang again and she said that they had accepted my offer. Yay!!!! Needless to say, I was overjoyed.

For my sixth-grade science project I decided to hatch chicken eggs. It takes 21 days for them to hatch. I waited and waited and still no chickens by day 24. I finally opened the eggs and nothing. The thermometer was faulty and the temperature was not high enough to incubate the eggs. Why do I tell this story? I learned literally not to count my chickens before they hatch. I am praying that all goes smoothly until closing the end of August.

In other flooring news, most of the weekend was spent putting down the floor in the loft. We had about a third of it done when the weekend started. We worked on it all day Saturday, Sunday afternoon and finished it early Sunday evening. I went with tongue and v groove pine, putting the v groove down. The loft floor will also serve as the ceiling on the first floor. It was so important that each board was meticulously installed. The first few rows were a bit challenging, but I got the hang of it before long. I installed every single board in the loft myself. We had a great system going. I would let my Dad know what length board I needed, and he would cut it and send it up to the loft.

After working a few hours, I needed a water break. My Dad got in the cooler and got out a mini kit kat. I asked if he’d toss one up for me. He did and it hit the 2X4 that we are using as a make shift railing for the loft. As he starts to toss another one up, my Mom quipped that she bet that he could not do that again if he tried. At that moment, the kit kat hits off the 2X4 yet again and ricocheted downstairs. It made for a good laugh on a hot afternoon.

For the last seven months, this journey has seemed like a marathon. I never wanted to do too much not knowing when I would sell my house. Now I have less than two months until I close on my townhouse, and suddenly this journey has turned into a sprint!

Laura Reed

About Laura Reed

After 15 years in college athletics, the last seven as an assistant athletics director, I was burned out with 70-hour work weeks and extensive travel. I resigned my position and accepted a position in marketing at a small, vibrant college in my hometown of Unity, Maine. In the process I wanted to go back to my childhood where we raised polled Herefords, had a Christmas Tree Farm and spent many hours outside. I decided I wanted to build my own home on beautiful farmland that my family owns. With help from my Dad, the most talented person I’ve ever met, we are building my home together. I have decided to blog my experience – the ups and downs, the joys and frustrations. What was once an open field will one day be my home! The dream in my head is becoming reality. I can just see the lambs frolicking in the field, chickens in the barnyard and going running with my Alaskan Malamute!