Slab happy

Adding water under the evening sky!

My Dad adding water under the evening sky!

Tonight I can officially say that I am slab happy! After what has been literally months in the making, we finally poured the slab today. I am so incredibly excited to have another milestone behind me and be moving forward.

About nine months ago, I decided that a slab would be easier and more economical than a basement. I honestly believe that I made the right decision. I do wonder where I am going to put all the stuff that is stored in the basement of my current house. I might see a yard sale in my future.

After completing the septic system late last week, we needed the final approval on the plumbing prior to pouring. We got the go ahead on Tuesday and ordered the cement early yesterday for an 8 a.m. delivery this morning. The plastic, wire mesh and insulation were all in place with the form set around it.

My Dad had a crew that was set to assist us. A neighbor near where I am building has a bunch of experience with cement along with all the tools that we needed. A good friend of our family, Lars, also assisted us. Shortly after 8 a.m. the truck arrived, started mixing the cement and then started pouring.

It was quite the experience. After the cement was poured into the form, it was screened to make it flat. Then a float was used to make sure it was smooth before we finished it off with a power trowel. It was really important to keep the slab wet. We put 65 gallons of water on it late this afternoon. Having not drilled a well yet, the water has been a chore.

Tonight after dinner it was another trip to the slab with 65 more gallons of water to wet it down once again. The thing that amazed me was how hot the concrete still was. I was pouring the water while my Dad was spreading it around with a push boom. It was drying as fast as I could put the water down. The slab was still very warm to the touch this evening, 12-hours after being poured.

We will water it down again in the morning, all while hoping for some thundershowers tonight. I am so excited. I debated pitching my tent on the slab tonight. Well, not really although the thought did cross my mind.

In my Dad’s opinion, the hardest part is now done. Tonight I go to sleep one step closer to my house.




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