A septic system is exciting

Ok, I will admit that I have never put those words together in a sentence before, but a septic system is truly exciting for me today. The last two days have been spent digging, putting in crushed rock and then the tank came late today.


My dream is for my Dad and I to do absolutely as much as humanly possible in this house. From cutting down the trees for the wood, sawing the logs all the way to the final details. Due to all the plumbing regulations you need to have someone design a septic system and then have an experienced person implement the plan. So, we did have to hire someone to do the septic system.


A septic tank is not something that someone normally thinks about. I know that I rarely do. However, it has been fascinating to see how all the plumbing connects, goes into the tank and then out to the leach field.


The plumbing is now nearly all in place. It can be finished up in the next day or so and then needs a final inspection before we can proceed. It is just so exciting to think that progress is actually being made! A couple of months ago, we had so many of the details but nothing to show for it.


There are three or four big “external” systems that we need in this whole process including the septic system, drilling a well and power. They all seemed like such huge hurdles and to think that one of them is just about finished is amazing.


As long as the weather cooperates, hopefully the slab will be poured within the next week! After that we will be able to start framing and my plot may actually start looking like a little house! I can’t tell you how exciting that is!

I have a septic tank!

I have a septic tank!

Laura Reed

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