The roof is finished!

The goal for weeks has been to get the roof finished on my house. This has been an arduous task due to the steep pitch of the roof. Since early October, almost all the attention has been paid to the roof. During my vacation, I put board after board on the roof. After the roof […]

Wind wreaking havoc

The wind is quickly becoming one of my worst enemies! It seems everything that we try to do, it tries to undo. First, it ripped the tarp off the roof. It has been continuing to tear additional materials off this week.   This past week was another busy one, although I did not get into […]

Roofing Options

Quick: You’re building a brand new house. What color would you choose for your roof? That is the decision I have been facing for the last month. It is harder than you might think.   I decided a while back that I wanted to put a metal roof on my house. When looking at all […]

The never-ending roof

  Yesterday could have been one of the hardest days physically on the homestead yet. We are still working on the roof and one thing that I am learning really quickly is that things tend to go much slower than planned. We would have loved to finish the roof, but as with many things, it […]

Up on the house top

I am on vacation this week so each and every day is precious in the building process. Each day brings us one day closer to cold and snow, so we are taking full advantage of these gorgeous fall days. Our initial plan was to continue working on the roof on Monday, but that was not […]

Rafters have been raised!!!

What an amazing few days on the homestead. After what seemed like eons, we finally put up the rafters this week. It almost came to a screeching halt when my Dad was afraid that hurricane Matthew would bring them down, however, when the forecast tracked it out to sea, we decided to proceed.   My […]