Oh how far we’ve come

We’ve made some amazing progress on the house over the past week. So much in fact that I’ve been too tired to write a blog when I get home each night. My life has literally consisted of going to work and then going straight to the house each night after work. Our goal for late […]

This house built with love

The name of my blog is Laura’s House Journey, but that title is far from accurate. The title should be altered to reflect the impact that my family has had on this journey. There is no way that I would be close to where I am today without them. When I first dreamed of building […]

Installing shiplap on the lofted ceiling

It was another busy day at the homestead last Saturday. My sister and her family volunteered to help again for the day which was awesome. The project at hand was working on the exposed ceiling in the front of the house. This is the one project that I have been dreading the most. I regret […]

Well…… what a day

It has been an eventful couple of weeks, but unfortunately, that has not translated into much progress on the house. Over the past three weeks, each of my 93-year-old grandparents have had significant health issues. They have each spent a week in the hospital and are now in different assisted living facilities at the moment. […]

Great strides made on Saturday

I am happy to report that we’ve had two productive days on the house the past week. In addition to that, there have been no additional health scares with my father this week. The same can’t be said for my grandfather, however, but that’s another issue. Last Monday, we utilized Labor Day to do labor. […]