How is your house coming?

This is the question that I hear most often these days. It is exciting that so many people are interested in the progress, but unfortunately, the answer is slow. Very slow. The main goal was to get the house secured for winter and that is pretty much where we stand at this point. I was […]

Interior indecisions

Ever since I began thinking about my house, I thought that I wanted the interior to be classy rustic. Is there even a thing as classy rustic? I wanted it to be my dream home, not a hunting camp. I have spent a lot of time searching Pinterest and various other design sites to get […]

Do you see what I see?

The day that I decided on my final house design, with the loft in the back and the front open to the ceiling, I knew that I wanted to find special windows to put in the front. This has been one of the most frustrating, yet rewarding parts of the house thus far. I’ve wanted […]

A lofty view

The weather looked great for an early December day on Friday, so I decided to take the day off to try to make some progress on the house. Now that the roof is on, I really want to get the windows in, especially my front ones. My Dad and I went down to the homestead […]

The roof is finished!

The goal for weeks has been to get the roof finished on my house. This has been an arduous task due to the steep pitch of the roof. Since early October, almost all the attention has been paid to the roof. During my vacation, I put board after board on the roof. After the roof […]

Wind wreaking havoc

The wind is quickly becoming one of my worst enemies! It seems everything that we try to do, it tries to undo. First, it ripped the tarp off the roof. It has been continuing to tear additional materials off this week.   This past week was another busy one, although I did not get into […]

Roofing Options

Quick: You’re building a brand new house. What color would you choose for your roof? That is the decision I have been facing for the last month. It is harder than you might think.   I decided a while back that I wanted to put a metal roof on my house. When looking at all […]