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Well…… what a day

It has been an eventful couple of weeks, but unfortunately, that has not translated into much progress on the house. Over the past three weeks, each of my 93-year-old grandparents have had significant health issues. They have each spent a week in the hospital and are now in different assisted living facilities at the moment. […]

Great strides made on Saturday

I am happy to report that we’ve had two productive days on the house the past week. In addition to that, there have been no additional health scares with my father this week. The same can’t be said for my grandfather, however, but that’s another issue. Last Monday, we utilized Labor Day to do labor. […]

Another health scare and big decisions ahead

I am debating changing the name of my blog from Laura’s House Journey to Andy’s Health Journey. I was convinced that we were making progress. Last week my Dad began walking and was excited to get to the house. My Dad hates sitting still. He just can’t deal with it. Monday night we worked on […]

Closing day goes a-ok!

It was just under two months ago that I accepted an offer on my house. The couple initially asked to close on Aug. 24, and I was super excited about that date because it was exactly two years to the day that I had started my new job. Two years that I had been doing […]

Moving but to where?

  It’s safe to say that the last month things have not gone as predicted. We had planned to spend a lot of time on the house, but due to my Dad’s surgery, have not done anything on the house. Today was moving day which presented a big dilemma. Where am I moving to?   […]

When the house is the last thing on my mind

  The house has been the last thing on my mind the past week. My Dad was released from the hospital in Boston last Thursday about noon. My parents, my sister, and I headed for Maine, and I could not have been happier.   Saturday and Sunday were rough. Very rough. My Dad ended up […]

Measure twice and cut once – words of wisdom

It’s been a whirlwind week on the home front. So far, everything is on schedule for selling my house which I am so happy about. Selling a townhouse is complicated, as the bank for the buyer needs significant paperwork from the home owner’s association.   My Dad really wanted to finish the siding to the […]