Suddenly things are becoming very real


Wall in the loft.

It’s been another exciting week on my house journey. As my Dad and I were working at the house on Wednesday, it really began to hit me that this entire journey is becoming so very real. Shortly, this is going to be my house! For so long it has seemed like a journey that is never going to end. A blog entry from last year popped up in my Facebook memory today, and we were just starting to break ground. How far we have come from those days.


Wednesday night we worked on putting up a wall in the loft. Since the ceiling technically goes all the way to the floor due to the design, I am going to put walls on both sides. One side is going to be entirely storage, while the other side is going to have a tiny bathroom and my closet. Behind that will be a little storage as well.


We have come up with a design for the loft and bathroom. Also on Wednesday, we worked on putting a wall up in my downstairs bedroom closet. Both of the walls so far have been tongue and groove. I’m still a bit on the fence between tongue and groove and sheetrock for downstairs.


We also worked on framing in the bathroom downstairs. On Friday, I met my parents at the house after work, and we did some measuring. On Saturday, we went to Lowe’s to look for appliances. I have not bought any at this point, but we did a lot of measuring to determine what will fit. I think that I’ve made some decisions on what I’d like to purchase, but am still waiting a bit.


I am still looking for my elusive bathtub. I made a decision with myself that if I sold my house near the price that I wanted to, that I would splurge on the tub. Thus far, I am having a hard time finding one that has good reviews.


I am continuing to try to pack a bit as well. I’m actually at the point where I can start taking some stuff that I have in bins to the house and put it up in the loft. Just that alone seems surreal.


It was also exciting this week as I got to show a couple of my friends the house. My officemate Sarah stopped by to see it on Monday. Wednesday evening my Mom brought my grandparents down along with a good friend from New Hampshire Martie. It was so exciting to show them around!

Laura Reed

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After 15 years in college athletics, the last seven as an assistant athletics director, I was burned out with 70-hour work weeks and extensive travel. I resigned my position and accepted a position in marketing at a small, vibrant college in my hometown of Unity, Maine. In the process I wanted to go back to my childhood where we raised polled Herefords, had a Christmas Tree Farm and spent many hours outside. I decided I wanted to build my own home on beautiful farmland that my family owns. With help from my Dad, the most talented person I’ve ever met, we are building my home together. I have decided to blog my experience – the ups and downs, the joys and frustrations. What was once an open field will one day be my home! The dream in my head is becoming reality. I can just see the lambs frolicking in the field, chickens in the barnyard and going running with my Alaskan Malamute!